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CNC Machining

Our CNC machines are one of our main machines to manufacture our door panels and doors.

They allow increasing our designs thanks to the capacity for milling and making holes for the glasses. Due to their computerized numeric control, the automatic changing of tools and their capacity to move them through the 3 axis (x-y-z) these machines are really autonomous and precise to get an excellent quality product.

  • 2 different fields of work
  • More than 15 automatic changing tools
  • Course axis X = 6.000
  • Course axis Y = 1.500
  • Course axis Z = 120

In 2018 ESTEGA bought a new CNC milling machine with higher accuracy and speed, that alowed a higher productivity.

The parameters of this new machine allow higher measures and better finishes.

  • Course axis X = 3.000
  • Course axis Y = 2.000
  • Course axis Z = 200