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Estega, more than door panel

Since 2001 ESTEGA manufactures aluminium and uPVC door panel and aluminium doors. We always emphasized on diversification of production process and on the commitment with R&D&I and quality.

ESTEGA manufactures for national market and also for exportation to Europe, America and Africa, always searching new countries to seek for new markets our exports are around 50 % of our turnover.

We have several means of production to manufacture our wide range of products: 1600 Tm Molding Press (up to 3200*2400mm), 2 CNC Machining Center, robotic hot melt film foil lamination line (Renolit and SKAI) and insulated panel manufacturing, heat-transfer line for timber effect on sheets and profiles (Qualideco certificate) and automatic powder coating line (Qualicoat certificate), XPS cutting line, uPVC thermoforming, etc.

We are deeply interested on improving our production process. Therefore we incorporate new means of production continually. An example can be our robotic station for sheet die cutting, bending and blanking, essential for manufacturing our AVANZA door and for uPVC door paneling, our newest product.

ESTEGA not only highlights for its mechanical means, but for its human team, that makes process fulfilling clients quality and needs. They have a wide experience in door panel sector, so they can give the best advice to any technical and commercial question may appear.

Our technical, administrative and commercial team welcomes you to ESTEGA, please to attend you.

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Estega: process and means of fabrication

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