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Insulated panel

ESTEGA has the last means of fabrication, highly qualified staff and latest technology to offer our customers a high quality product like out sandwich panel.

Our automated Hot-Melt gluing line gives us the possibility of process optimization with the powerful adhesive PUR Reactivo and makes process really accurate. The same way, our cutting XPS line allows a precise cut of extruded polystyrene XPS at any thickness from 3mm up to 120mm.

ESTEGA offers smooth and grooved panels, that can be manufactured with two aluminium sheets or two uPVC sheets and a core made of Extruded Polystyrene and industrial quality XPS.

The Grooved Insulated Panel  has two grooved sheets stamped by our  1.600 Tm press with vertical or horizontal lines every 105mm that can be made up to the measure of 3000 X 1500 mm.

Panel Sándwich Liso

Panel Sándwich Ranurado


  • Lacados RAL
  • Lacados Especiales
  • Lacados Símil Madera
  • Anodizados
  • Foliados Renolit

Standard dimensions

  • 2000 X 1000
  • 3000 X 1250
  • 3000 X 1500


Cualquier espesor comprendido entre 8-120 mm.
Otras dimensiones y espesores consultar.