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1.600 TM Molding Press

The molding press is the identity of  ESTEGA,  with a maximum pressing force of 1600 TM and table dimensions of  3.200 x 2.400mm. These characteristics makes a big difference because is the only one company of this sector with a press with that characteristics in Europe.

Cutting and bending machine

ESTEGA goes forward to optimization and diversification of the mains of production always looking for finding solutions for any problem may appear.

CNC Machining

Our CNC machines are one of our main machines to manufacture our door panels and doors. They allow increasing our designs thanks to the capacity for milling and making holes for the glasses.

Automatic horizontal powder coating line

2013 was an important year for ESTEGA as the automatic horizontal powder coating line was bought.

Heat transfer line for timber effect

In year 2011 ESTEGA adquires two machines for heat transfer for timber effect: DECORAL PR350 for aluminium sheet and PRATIK 4 Telar Profiles.

Robotic film lamination line

In year 2006 we acquired a robotic film lamination line with Hot-Melt gluing to laminate aluminium sheets with PVC film and to fabricate insulated panel.

Cutting line for XPS

Our cutting line for high density industrial polystyrene makes us possible to supply a great variety of door panel thickness. We can cut XPS plates to any applied thickness.