Automatic Powder Coating Line

The launching in 2013 of our Automatic Powder Coating Line meant a major step forward for ESTEGA’s manufacturing capacities. It implied the widening of our quality policy scope into the powder coating processes.

ESTEGA holds QUALICOAT, SEASIDE and QUALIDECO international certifications whose granting guarantees that all procedures involved in our powder coating process – those of pre-treatment, powder coating and polymerization - meet the latest specification of each of these norms and therefore are quality guaranteed.

Pre-treatment stage seeks a conversion layer on the aluminium surface that will both protect it from corrosion and support adhesion of the powder applied

Pre-treatment is followed by the electrostatic powder coating painting of the aluminium extrusion or laminates (polyester or polyurethane) what is then finally cured under 220 centigrade degrees for the powder adherence.

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