Avanza: the ultimate door

AVANZA door is the result of some years of work, research and tests. It has been developed by our high qualified team together with the latest means of production and technological advances.

ESTEGA presents AVANZA as the latest generation of doors. It has hidden sash, 70mm width and thermal break in the frame and sash. AVANZA door and its excellent technical characteristics start a revolution in aluminum door market.

It has 2 sheets of aluminium of 2 mm thick and a double core of XPS that has no contact between them to have a thermally broken door. It can be 70 mm and have measures of maximum 2500mm high by 1250mm width, made to measure.

Download our brochure Your door made-to-measure

AVANZA door includes two rubber seal that ensure a perfect door sealing. It can be made with rounded or square frame.

We have a thermally broken door by introducing polyamide insulating thermal strips in the frame and by a rigid PVC joint system in the sash.

Door frame also includes a low threshold of 16mm that meets EU physical accessibility regulations.

In addition to the rubber seals we include a low rain guard for a better water protection.


Door fittings are:

  • 3D adjustable 3 knuckle hinge
  • 5 points locking system
  • Cylinder of 50*30
  • Handle black/white
  • Optional accessories: pull bar, door knob, knocker, spy hole...

AVANZA door is entirely fabricated with ESTEGA’s own means. For its design, the technical team has developed an automatic robotic cell for self cutting, bending and punching of the sheets for the door. This way we can punch for the handle and the cylinder and also bend the sheet for the hidden sash. Additionally, this automatic line of stamping allows us to make sash doors of 800-1250mm width and 200-2500mm high.

AVANZA can be manufactured in all the range of finish like the different RAL color coating, especial coating, textured or wood coating and PVC Renolit foil as well. Door panels can be made in a wide range of models that can be seen in our brochure.

Thanks to its outstanding technical characteristics, its elegant design with hidden sash and the quality of our processes certified by QUALICOAT, SEASIDE Y QUALIDECO, AVANZA door is the last door generation in the market.