Powder coating colors and woodgrain effects

Two of ESTEGA’s latest technical equipments are our Automatic Powder Coating Line incorporated in the year 2013 and a Heat-Transfer Film Press for aluminium extrusions and laminates.

In order to achieve an outstanding coating with excellent performance and effects we are working with suppliers such as AKZO, DUPON or TITAN powder coatings among others, and DECORAL film for woodgrain effects.

Our quality certifications ISO 9001:2008, QUALICOAT, SEASIDE Y QUALIDECO guarantees that all procedures involved in our powder coating process – those of pre-treatment, powder coating and polymerization - meet the latest specification of each of these norms and are quality guaranteed.

Our range of powder coating colors (either polyester or polyurethane) includes all RAL color Chart, textured powder coatings and woodgrain effects such as for instance walnut, oak or golden oak among others.