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1.600 TM Molding Press

The molding press is the identity of  ESTEGA,  with a maximum pressing force of 1600 TM and table dimensions of  3.200 x 2.400mm. These characteristics makes a big difference because is the only one company of this sector with a press with that characteristics in Europe.

Therefore, due to the capacities of the press (a fine adjustment in the pressing force) the stamping can be cleaner and well defined.

  • Maximum pressing force = 1.600 TM
  • Pressing force of lower table = 800 TM
  • Table dimensions = 3.200mm X 2.400mm
  • Maximum opening between the carriage and lower table = 1.700mm
  • Tool passage (side) = 1.500mm
  • Distance lower carriage = 400mm
  • Time between molding process = 25 segundos